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2018-09-21, 13:07

Loving the way that Gmail now freezes every other time I try to use it, and takes at least 20 seconds to load.

2018-09-21, 09:42

reserve all other single-letter-dash prefixes for future use. In practice we have seen very little (if any) use of single-letter-dash prefixing of class names by web developers/designers, and thus in practice we think this will have little if any impact/collisions. Certainly far fewer than existing generic microformat property class names like "title", "note", "summary".

Ah, well, no. Lots of people use single letter prefixes for CSS. The global company that I work for does exactly this. Famous web authors use it.

I love the Indieweb, but the "microformats as HTML classes" thing is just something I find really hard to get on board with. They could have used data attributes. They could have used a blob of JSON in the head of each page, like does. But no, they went with something that directly collides with presentational CSS.

You can read more about this terrible aspect of microformats.

I like microformats. I want to use them more. But they feel horribly in collision with CSS authoring practises.

2018-09-19, 22:43

Torn between love of building my JAMstack site, and cursing the idiot who didn't just install Wordpress and go from there.

2018-09-19, 17:42

Choose the least powerful language suitable for a given purpose.

I think it'd be great for everyone to read this article by Jeremy Keith.

In the web front-end stack — HTML, CSS, JS, and ARIA — if you can solve a problem with a simpler solution lower in the stack, you should. It’s less fragile, more foolproof, and just works.

2018-09-18, 12:00

I think it's time to take back control of my social media. From now on I'm making short microposts/notes on this website, and syndicating them to Twitter whenever I feel it's necessary.

Check out my notes section to see more and to follow them via good old reliable RSS.