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The paranoid fantasy behind Brexit | Fintan O'Toole | Politics | The Guardian

the experience of not being invaded was one of the genuinely distinctive things about being British: “Our physical assets and our economy had suffered less disastrously than those of other western European countries as a result of the war: nor did we suffer the shock of invasion. We were thus less immediately conscious of the need for us to become part of the unity in Europe.”

This article is an excellent analysis of the bizarre mindset that plagues Britain, and which makes it so hostile to the idea of being part of Europe.

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Redesigning your product and website for dark mode — Stuff & Nonsense

Implementing dark mode is easy, but designing for it is less so. Here are some things you should consider when designing a dark mode version of your product or website to ensure you maintain accessibility and readability, and a consistent feel for your brand between Light and Dark.

Excellent guide to using the prefers-color-scheme query in CSS to make a dark colour palette available!

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Bruce Lawson's personal site  : Screenreader support for text-level semantics

almost no text-level semantic element has a direct mapping to any accessible object

Ouch, this sounds worrying. But then you read the rest of this article and you realise just how overused things like <strong> and <em> are. I suspect that HTML tags like this are still an easy way for some devs to add visual styling, as opposed to writing the necessary CSS. A relic of The Bad Old Days come to haunt us.

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