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The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding | WIRED

This article runs hard against the self-image of so many programmers. I can understand why so many might be angry with it.

So many coders think they're destined to be recognised for the secret genius that they really are. One day their mediocre bosses will see that they're just far better than their team mates. Simply more creative! Imagine how they must feel if they learn they're far more likely to be a blue-collar worker for the next 40 years...

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Thinking differently about progressive enhancement - Adam Silver

If a browser doesn’t support any of the APIs, the user always sees the content. It works, but it’s just not enhanced using progressive disclosure. Importantly, we’ve made sure the experience isn’t broken for anyone. That’s inclusion.


I'm not sure how we've got to the point where we're okay with not supporting people on older devices.

"They can always upgrade, Charlie". No they can't. YOU can upgrade your laptop. Someone who is poorer may not be able to. And when they can't upgrade the device they're stuck with an under powered CPU that may not render the latest fanciness. And they often can't upgrade to the latest versions of browsers.

But please, carry on building essential services that can't be used by some people.

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Dark Scrum

The power holders may be new to Scrum, but they know a lot about how to handle this problem. So every two weeks they show up and tell these programmers what they have to build. Oh, those programmers will push back. They are lazy, and recalcitrant. But the power holders keep the pressure on, because that’s how you manage people. So they tell the team what to do and they’d better do it.

Talk to your PO today about Dark Scrum.

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